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GET® graphene brand

We are pleased to announce that Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics, Łukasiewicz Research Network (IMiF) established Polish brand related to graphene. It’s called GET® or Graphene Epitaxy Technologies. The brand will offer high-quality epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide, certification services, and high-temperature magnetic field sensors based on the Hall effect principle.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer at www.graphene2get.com.

The GET® brand will be widely used as a marketing tool to advertise the skills of Polish scientists and technologists. It’s not just about the production of graphene and graphene devices, but also, for example, graphene characterization! The DoSPaN team already has some experience here, because for several years we have been cooperating with the IMiF in the field of testing graphene sensors for future applications in the so-called extreme environments. This means an environment of increased or decreased temperature, or harmful ionizing radiation, e.g. occurring in future thermonuclear reactors. Over the last few years, together with IMiF, we have created several publications that constitute an additional contribution to the brand. >>> HERE <<< You will find a list of IMiF references, as well as our common publications, which together constitute a scientific path leading to the creation of the GET® brand

We sincerely congratulate on this achievement, and we encourage anyone interested in cooperation in the field of graphene, either scientific or commercial, to contact us or GET® directly!