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New article! Materials Science and Engineering: B

This month, a publication was produced through collaboration between the DoSPaN team and researchers from the Institute of Materials Research and Quantum Engineering of the FMETP. The work, published in the prestigious journal Materials Science & Engineering B, focuses on an in-depth analysis of the properties of an innovative class of layered materials – PtSe2 from the TMD group (Transition Metal Dichalcogenides). We presented the effect of the change in the layer thickness of such material and the annealing process on its characteristic properties. For the study, we used Raman spectroscopy as the main analytical tool, as well as AFM microscopy to visualize the surface morphology of individual layers. Thanks to our observations, we managed to discover hitherto unknown relationships between the doping and stress of the layers on the sapphire substrate and their thickness. This is a significant step forward in further understanding and exploiting the potential of these materials.
The discovered relationships have potential applications in many fields, such as electronics, optoelectronics and power electronics. This is a milestone in the development of advanced technologies that will take advantage of the unique properties of PtSe2 and other layered materials.

We are especially proud of the close cooperation of our young staff of both FMETP institutes.

You can read more about this fascinating research >>HERE<<.