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New article! IEEE Sensors Letters

As part of the work carried out at SENSOR LAB, as well as cooperation with the Wielkopolska Center for Advanced Technologies CZT-UAM, we have managed to develop and build a universal sensor capable of detecting the magnetic field in conditions unattainable for its commercially available counterparts.

Our achievement is interesting because the produced sensor was almost exclusively based on the academic infrastructure of the Poznań University of Technology, and yet it can be used in industry. We summarized it in a short article entitled Magnetic Field Sensor Operating From Cryogenics to Elevated Temperatures published in the IEEE Sensors Letters journal. American Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, appreciated our article and invited us to present a paper during one of the world’s largest conferences devoted to the subject of sensors: IEEE SENSORS 2023 in Vienna.

We are particularly pleased that the article was written in close cooperation with DoSPaN students and the final result was collected also as part of their master’s and engineering theses. DoSPaN students, while completing their diploma theses, had the opportunity to work additionally as part of a project financed by the National Center for Research and Development (Poland), which enabled us to achieve our goals.

You can read more about our research  >>HERE<<