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ECOSS 36 conference

The 36th edition of the international ECOSS conference (European Conference on Surface Science) is behind us. This year it was held in Poland (Lodz), between August 28 and September 1.

The DoSPaN team proudly represented the Poznan University of Technology during this event. In addition to employees, PhD students and M.Sc. students of our department also presented their research! We presented a total of 5 topics that were accepted as oral communications in 4 different thematic panels and one presentation in the form of a poster.

  1. In the “2D Materials & Layered Materials” panel we presented:
    Properties of the metal/PtSe2 thin layer interfaces.
    Exploring possible modes of damage caused by neutron radiation in thin-film and two-dimensional Hall-effect systems.
  2. In the “Magnetism” panel:
    Comprehensive studies of Gd-Pt surface alloys grown on Pt(111).
  3. In the “Organic Molecules & Molecular Architectures on Surfaces” panel:
    On-surface metalation of salophene molecules with Dy on Au(111) substrate.
  4. In the “Functional Surface Nanostructures, Plasmonics, and Sensors” panel:
    Two-dimensional and thin-film active layers for magnetic field detection in extreme temperature range.
  5. Poster presentation:
    Morphology and electrical properties of oxidized HfSe2 surface

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